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ATTENTION: WPS Trading Partners – WPS Community Manager Update

WPS Health Solutions recently announced our new EDI solution that will provide a web-based, easy-to-use self-management portal, and will also enable the secure transmission of EDI transactions.

We are currently working with our WPS Community Manager beta user group to establish their accounts and initiate transaction submission.  We will provide additional notification when Community Manager is available for registration of other trading partners and providers.

Additional information regarding the new system:

WPS Community Manager will allow your office to self-register for EDI, and you will be able to control your registration and account details which include assignment of additional users from your corporation. This would include contact names, addresses, email addresses, passwords, etc. Your account determines which transactions you’ll be submitting and/or receiving, and for which WPS lines of business.

Browser Compatibility: While WPS Community Manager is supported by various web browsers, it has been our experience that using Internet Explorer (IE) may not provide a full level of performance for this application. We have experienced better performance using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We suggest you try using several different browsers to find the highest level of performance.

Account Migration – Current Environment to WPS Community Manger
If you already have an established EDI trading partner ID with WPS, your trading partner ID will be migrated to WPS Community Manager automatically. You will not need to set up a new account, but you will have to create a permanent password for your WPS Community Manager User Name to access the system. Your User Name will be the email address of the Super User you provide in response to our survey.

Important WPS Community Manager Account Terminology
In our current environment, each trading partner requires a separate EDI user account for each trading partner ID.  With the implementation of WPS Community Manager, trading partner IDs are separate values, and will be managed within a single Corporation account.  A Super User will be established as an administrator for each Corporation account and manages all trading partner IDs and any additional User Names for a business.  This Super User will represent the account and will be able to view and modify all profile information within a Corporation.

If you have any questions regarding EDI’s new easy-to-use self-management portal, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated EDI Staff.


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