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Trading Partner/Submitter ID Enrollment Form

Welcome to WPS Community Manager

WPS Health Solutions is excited to introduce you to our NEW web-based, easy-to-use EDI self-management portal: WPS Community Manager. WPS Community Manager allows your office to self-register for EDI as well as to self-manage your account details. Once registered you will have the ability to assign additional users from your corporation, add or change contact names and email addresses, and reset passwords. Your account will also allow you to determine which transactions you’ll be submitting and/or receiving, and for which WPS lines of business. Dependent upon your corporation’s structure you may find a need to enroll for multiple Submitter IDs, and will have the ability to manage them all from one single account.

Existing EDI Trading Partners

If you already have an established EDI trading partner ID with WPS, your trading partner ID has been migrated to WPS Community Manager automatically.

Note: As an existing Trading Partner, you will not need to set up a brand new account, but you will be required to create a new password for your WPS Community Manager User Name in order to access the new system. Your User Name will be the email address of the Super User you provided in response to the survey we previously sent you to verify your EDI account information.  

To gain access to your WPS Community Manager account, we will need to initiate a Campaign email to the Super User that was indicated in the survey that was previously sent out via CommunityManager@wpsic.com

When you are ready to begin using WPS Community Manager, please send an email to CommunityManager@wpsic.com indicating you are an existing Trading Partner requesting your initial access.

Once you have received our email inviting you to join our Trading Community, you will be prompted to set up your initial password. After your password is set up you will be able to access the Line of Business (LOB)/Transaction(TXN) Configuration Edit form to add any additional lines of business and transactions.

New EDI Trading Partners

In order for you to access WPS Community Manager, you will need to complete an initial registration process, as well as complete the necessary request forms and business agreement(s).

During the initial registration process you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Email address (which will be used as your User Name and primary contact method)
    • The initial person who completes the registration for your corporation will become the Super User (administrator) of the account.
  • Address of your company headquarters location
  • Document types/formats you will be exchanging

The Trading Partner/Submitter ID Enrollment Form

This form will allow you to complete your Trading Partner Registration and setup Submitter Identities (Submitter ID) for your Trading Partner account.

  • Determine what type of Trading Partner you are:
    • Direct Submitter – Exchange electronically for your own business
    • Clearinghouse/Billing Service – An external submitter that sends and receives electronically for multiple providers.
    • Vendor – A vendor provides hardware, software and/or ongoing support for total office automation or submission of electronic EDI transactions directly to individual providers, billing agent or clearinghouses/VANs/NSVs. (Vendors submit for software testing purposes only)
  • Enroll for Submitter ID – A submitter ID defines an entity that sends or receives transactions with WPS. You may allow WPS to auto-assign you a Submitter ID or you may enter your own through User-Assigned.

Once you have completed the initial registration process, you will receive a series of emails that will guide you through the process of completing the required request forms and business agreements specific to your Trading Partner account.

Please watch for more information regarding the WPS Community Manager and WPS Gateway Express on our WPS EDI web page.