WPS Health Insurance

WPS EDI Bulletin Board System (BBS) Instructions

WPS is currently using the WPS EDI Bulletin Board System (BBS) to receive your electronic files using asynchronous telecommunications. The BBS also allows you to receive reports and other files from WPS, send email to WPS Electronic Data Services staff and download documents pertaining to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).


Phone lines are available 24 hours per day - 7 days per week.

WPS currently supplies users with a mode of asynchronous telecommunications, WorldGroup Manager.

Windows 95 through XP versions come with free software, called HyperTerminal, that you can use to transmit your claims and receive claim reports and other information from the WPS Bulletin Board System (BBS). This excludes Windows Vista programs.

There are other telecommunication software on the market, therefore submitters are not required to use WorldGroup Manager or Hyperterminal.