WPS Health Insurance

Electronic Remittance Advice for Medicare Part B

Electronic Remittance Advice is available for Medicare Part B IL, MI, MN, WI.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic version of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and allows you the ability to automatically post your accounts, minimizing data entry by eliminating your manual posting procedures. Electronic Remittance Advice's are available to WPS Health Insurance business provider's who currently submit electronic claims to WPS, and to TRICARE WEST REGION providers regardless if claims are submitted electronically to WPS.

When you choose to receive electronic remittance, your files will be sent to you in the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) X12 835 format, version 4010A1, and can be downloaded from the WPS Bulletin Board System (BBS), or through our secured internet site.

To enroll, please download and complete the Electronic Remittance Advice document and return it to:

WPS Medicare Part B
WPS Electronic Data Services
912 N Pentecost Drive
Marion, IL. 62959

Fax: 1-618-998-5170