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Family Care & CLTS

Family Care & CLTS

WPS Corporate Services - EDI would like to make sure you understand the available cost-effective options for electronic transactions. Taking the step to go paperless is an efficient way to reduce your costs and speed up your reimbursements. Your savings and satisfaction are important to us, so don’t hesitate to call or email if you would like to discuss your available options. Our EDI Staff is here to help you learn how to utilize electronic transactions which will save you time and money in the process. Please choose your organization below to see your customized options.

Family Care - Managed Care Organizations (MCO)


To Contact WPS EDI call 800-782-2680 option 1 or email us at edi@wpsic.com

Family Care and Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver Program Instructional Guides:

The objective of these webcasts is to provide an overview of the following key informational subjects:

  • Required claims data elements when submitting claims to WPS 
  • Claim submission options (electronic or paper)
  • Corrected claim procedures
  • WPS contact information