WPS Health Insurance

Medicare MAC Jurisdiction 8 - Part A & Part B EDI

EDI Information for the J8 Implementation

Because Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays a vital role in efficient provider office operations; WPS' implementation goal is to minimize impacts to existing EDI submission methods. The following information outlines important facts that J8 providers should know about EDI and the J8 implementation:

EDI Information for All J8 Providers

  • Providers will not need to re-enroll for EDI claims submission to WPS if you are:
    • Currently an NGS EDI customer using one of the National Service Vendors (NSVs), or
    • Currently a WPS submitter
  • Providers will not need to re-enroll or re-sign Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) requests
  • Providers will need to change their current contract codes to the new MAC J8 Contract Codes on the weekend of your specified cutover. The new contract codes are:

  • Workload Segment New J8 Codes
    Indiana A 08101
    Indiana B 08102
    Michigan A 08201
    Michigan B 08202

  • If you have additional questions, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-234-7331 or EDI related questions for Part A can be sent to EDIMedicareA@wpsic.com and EDI questions related to Part B can be sent to EDIMedicareB@wpsic.com
  • Watch for updates to the WPS Medicare EDI website as new information becomes available.
  • EDI Information Specific to Indiana Part A, Indiana Part B, and Michigan Part A Providers

    • Because you currently submit claims through one of the available NSVs, WPS is working with each NSV to :
      • Ensure there is no disruption in service to providers
      • Develop communications so that providers will know what to expect at cutover
    • As your current connectivity through an NSV will remain in place, connectivity via bulletin board system is not required.
    • You can use your current submitter IDs for J8

    EDI Information Specific to Michigan Part B Providers

    • Electronic billers will not need to change their current connectivity to WPS
    • Current Michigan B submitters will continue to use their existing WPS submitter ID

    Important Information