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PCACE Pro32 Technical Bulletin

PC-ACE Pro32 Users that have Avast Antivirus Program,

It has come to our attention that a recent update of the Avast antivirus program has created a problem for PC-ACE Pro32 users. The Avast program is falsely identifying several PC-ACE Pro32 program files as suspect and moving them to the Avast quarantine. These files do NOT contain viruses and should NOT have been quarantined. We have reported these FALSE POSITIVES to Avast for those files we know to be affected. One of the affected files is the main PC-ACE Pro32 program file (PCACE32.EXE). The most commonly reported symptom of this Avast problem is the following message reported by Windows when the user attempts to launch PC-ACE Pro32 from the desktop shortcut ...

The item 'pcace32.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?

The resolution to this Avast problem is to restore the PC-ACE Pro32 files from the Avast quarantine, simultaneously adding them to the Avast exceptions list. Here are the steps needed on the Avast 2015 Free product. These steps may be different on other versions of the Avast software.

  1. Open your Avast antivirus program from the Windows Start menu or Windows Tray.
  2. Click the "Scan" option (left panel) and select the "Scan for viruses" option. Do NOT perform a scan.
  3. Click the "Quarantine (Virus Chest)" link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Locate the PC-ACE Pro32 files (i.e., those from the "winpcace" folder tree), right-click on each file one-by-one, and select the "Restore and add to exclusions list" option. Repeat this step for each PC-ACE Pro32 file.
  5. When all PC-ACE Pro32 files have been restored, exit the Avast program.
  6. If you have deleted the desktop shortcut, go into your "c:\winpcace” folder and click on the client32.exe program to recreate it. Please accept the default "C:" installation drive, assuming the product is installed to the "C:" drive (If this is not installed on your C: drive, please contact our EDI Help Desk).
  7. Confirm that PC-ACE Pro32 is operational again by launching the program from your desktop shortcut and exercise the program for a few minutes (open claims, reference files, reindex all database files, etc.).

**Note: You may also contact our EDI Help Desk for help with these instructions.
Notice of issue from vendor received 2/6/2015

Claim Entry Software

PC-Ace Pro32 is a "stand alone" software package that creates a patient database and allows your office to electronically submit most WPS Health Insurance, Medicare Part B, MAC J5 A & B, MAC J8 A & B, J5 National Part A, TRICARE For Life Direct and TRICARE Foreign claims electronically.

If you are interested in obtaining the PC-Ace Pro32 software it is available for download on this website. If you are a new submitter you will also need to complete an EDI Agreement and request form in addition to downloading the Full Install of PC-Ace Pro32 V2.58 . Existing PC-Ace users please download V2.58 upgrade instead of Full Install. If you need further assistance please contact WPS Electronic Data Services Department.

Medicare MAC J5 Part A and B (IA, KS, MO, NE) and J5 National Part A

Toll-free 1-866-518-3285

Medicare MAC J8 Part A and B (MI, IN)

Toll-free 1-866-234-7331

TRICARE For Life Direct/Foreign & WPS Health Insurance

Toll-free 1-800-782-2680 (Option #2)

Electronic Data Services (EDI) Paperwork

You can also download the EDI Agreement paperwork by selecting one of the following links

PC-Ace Pro 32 Information and Request Forms:

PC-Ace Communication Documentation

Claims Submission Methods

  • WPS Bulletin Board System (BBS) asynchronous telecommunications.; This method requires using a modem to dial up and connect to the WPS BBS
  • WPS Secure-EDI (ARISE, TRICARE, Veterans Administration Patient-Centered Community Care (VAPC3) and WPSHI).  This method will allow secure FTP file transfer using your internet web browser.
  • Medicare-EDI-Gateway (Medicare). This method will allow secure FTP file transfer for Medicare submitters using a web browser-based interface
PC-Ace Pro32 Installations

PC-Ace Pro32 Full Installation

(If you do not have any version of PC-Ace on your PC)

PC-Ace Pro32 Upgrade to V2.58

(If you currently have a version of PC-Ace on your PC)

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