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PC-Ace Pro32

PC-Ace Pro32 is a stand-alone free software package WPS EDI supports and offers that creates a patient database and allows your office to electronically submit VA, WPS Health Insurance (private/Family Care and Children’s Waiver Program), J5 National Part A, MAC J5, MAC J8, and TRICARE claims electronically.

Claim Submission

If you are interested in obtaining the PC-ACE software to submit claims directly to WPS, it is available for download on this website. If you are a new submitter, you will also need to register for a WPS Trading Partner number, complete an EDI Agreement, and download the full install of PC-ACE V3.6. Existing PC-ACE users please download V3.6 upgrade instead of full install. If you need further assistance, please contact WPS Electronic Data Services Department.

PC-ACE Communication Documentation

Medicare MAC J5 Part A and B (IA, KS, MO, NE) and J5 National Part A
Toll-free 866-518-3285

Medicare MAC J8 Part A and B (MI, IN)
Toll-free 866-234-7331

TRICARE For Life Direct/Foreign and WPS Health Insurance
Toll-free 800-782-2680 (Option #2)

PC-ACE Installations

PC-ACE Full Installation V3.6

(If you do not have any version of PC-ACE on your PC)

PC-ACE Upgrade to V3.6

(If you currently have a version of PC-Ace on your PC)

PC-ACE Version 3.6 Change Summary

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PC-ACE User Guides
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