WPS Health Insurance

WPS Integrated Care Management

WPS Integrated Care Management is a next-generation approach to care management featuring innovative programs designed to help control costs, engage employees, and improve outcomes.

Our program includes all the best elements of traditional medical and Health Management, and takes things to the next level through a focus on innovative use of data-driven techniques to address patient needs across the continuum of health, from catastrophic and chronic illness to wellness and lifestyle management.

WPS Wellness

A customizable program for 100+ groups that focuses on promoting healthy, active lifestyles while reducing health risks that can drive up health care costs.

Medical Management

A set of traditional medical management services designed to improve patient outcomes while reducing health care costs. Marquee programs include:

WPS Pharmacy Services

WPS teams up with pharmacists and physicians to make sure your employees receive the right drug, in the right dosage, at the right time all the while reducing harmful and wasteful use of medications. In particular, we carefully monitor utilization of costly specialty drugs and medications used to treat chronic conditions.

In addition, we provide behavioral health, utilization management, preauthorization, and medical review services.