WPS Health Insurance

Pharmacy Information

Prescription Drugs

If your plan includes prescription drug benefits from Express Scripts (formerly Medco), access your personal prescription information via the Express Scripts website.

Once registered, you'll be able to order prescriptions and check the status of your order, have prescriptions delivered to your home, price and compare brand-name and generic medications, and access valuable health and medication information.

Here are some things to keep in mind about prescription drugs:
  • WPS Drug Prior Authorization list
    If the drug appears on this list, you'll need to get preauthorization. You can find instructions here on how to obtain preauthorization. Your doctor will need to fax this information to WPS.
  • 2018 Individual and Small Group Drug Formulary
  • 2018 WPS Preferred Drugs Guide

    This document provides a list of drugs that are preferred by your WPS health plan and are offered at lower copay levels. Drugs are listed alphabetically by drug category and name. This guide provides suggestions on how you can save on prescription costs, safety symbols for drugs not recommended at different ages, during pregnancy, and more.

  • Easy Ways to Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs
    Tri-fold brochure contains important information on how to lower your costs when choosing generic medications as well as important facts from the FDA, and FAQs.
  • ESI Specialist Pharmacist Brochure
    Specialist pharmacists at Express–Scripts.com are ready to help with any medication questions. Single page instructions on how to access specially trained pharmacists at Express Scripts.