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Midwest Providers

Pearle Vision
Valid in the United States (NOTE: Not all Pearle Visions are part of the preferred provider plan. Please check to see if the nearest Pearle Vision is part of your preferred provider plan)
To find a Pearle Vision location nearest you, call 800-YES-EYES. To receive this discount you must either show your WPS ID card and request help from a store clerk OR go online to register for the Pearle Vision discounts, select the Activate Card option, and register yourself (NOTE: you do not need a card to activate this, you must enter customer information at this time)

HealthyViews Savings
Frames HealthyViews Member Cost
Priced up to $60.99 $30
Priced from $61 to $80.99 $43
Priced from $81 to $100.99 $57
Priced from $101 and over $30% off
Lenses (w/UV & scratch coating) Start at per pair
Single Vision $75
Lined Bifocal $95
Progressive $140
Single Vision polycarbonate $100
Lined Bifocal polycarbonate $100
Progressive polycarbonate $172
Specialty Lenses 25% off
Lens Options (add to lens price)
Solid or Gradient Tint $10
Non-Glare $45
Contact Lenses
Non-Disposable 20% off
Disposable 10% off


American Institute for Preventive Medicine (4-1-00)
www.healthylife.com (can view products and request catalog at website)
To order call toll-free: 800-345-2476
The following titles are discounted 10%: A Year of Health Hints (Retail $23.95), Health At Home (Retail $15.95), Alternative Medicine (Retail $6.95), Self-Help Smokeless and Healthy Weigh (Retail $59.00). Shipping and handling fees may apply.

Collage Exercise Video Specialists (4-1-00)
www.collagevideo.com (can view products and request catalog at website)
To order call toll-free: 800-433-6769 - You'll be asked to give priority code WPS20
20% discount off exercise videos and audios.

Human Solutions (4-1-00)
Contact: Karen Carrier
P.O. Box 841436, Houston, TX 77284-1436
5% off Life's Odyssey Questionnaires and Resource Guides.

StayWell (4-1-00)
www.staywellhealthmanagement.com (select Krames - can view products and request catalog at website)
To order call toll-free: 800-333-3032
35% discount off catalog items.

Whole Person Associates (4-1-00)
www.wholeperson.com (can view products and request catalog at website)
To order call toll-free: 800-247-6789 or order online by putting "HealthSense Rewards" in the comment section.
10% discount off all products in most recent catalog.

Wisconsin Council of Safety (7-25-06)
Contact: Bryan Roessler
501 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703
To order call: 1-608-258-3400 or toll-free 800-236-3400 or order online by putting "HealthSense Rewards 10% discount" in comment section
10% discount off safety and health programs, resource services, and educational materials.

Important Information

Although you don't pay any fee to WPS or EPIC for HealthSense Rewards, each customer is solely responsible for paying costs charged for services or products he or she chooses to receive. HealthSense Rewards is not a WPS or EPIC health insurance plan, or a WPS administrative service. No money or benefit payments are payable by WPS or EPIC for any products and/or services provided to customers who utilize this program. Additionally, WPS and EPIC are not responsible or liable for the quality of care, services, or products provided by HealthSense Rewards wellness facilities.