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WPS PPO Plans for Small Businesses

Reduce your employees' out-of-pocket costs with the comprehensive, customizable protection of a
WPS small group plan. Choose from a range of coinsurance and copay options that meet your employees' needs and protect your bottom line. Plans are available for platinum, gold, and silver coverage tiers, and all meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Plus, our prescription drug benefit features tiered copayments to maximize cost efficiency and value.

All WPS plans include these generous benefits:

  • 100% coverage for in-network preventive care.
  • Extraordinary network flexibility—statewide or nationally.
  • PPO convenience. No primary care doctors or referrals required.
  • Deep online health resources from educational articles and self-help tools to a comprehensive health encyclopedia.

Real Choices, Real Savings

WPS small group plans allow you to offer your employees a choice of benefit options at no extra cost to you. Start by choosing a base plan that fits your budget. You can offer your employees a choice of up to four benefit designs, each with a different combination of deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and networks.

You fund the most affordable base plan and network, and your employees can buy up to higher-cost options if they wish. No matter which options your employees choose, your contribution stays the same, allowing you to better predict and control your costs each year. For more information, talk to an agent.

WPS Self-Funded Plans for Small Businesses

The WPS Freedom Flex and WPS Freedom Essentials plans provide many options for businesses with 25 or more employees while allowing more direct control over health insurance costs. Your business funds the health plan and makes all the decisions, while WPS Health Insurance takes care of the administrative work. The better you manage the health of your employees, the more money your company saves.
Learn more about Self-Funded Plans.

Plus, because these plans are self-funded, they are exempt from many of the requirements of health care reform, which eliminates some of the uncertainty and expenses.

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