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WPS Self-Funded Plans for Small Businesses

The WPS Freedom Flex plan provides many options for businesses with 25 or more participating employees while the WPS Freedom Essentials plan offers businesses with 10 or more participating employees the chance to get more direct control over health insurance costs. With these plans, your business funds the health plan and makes all the decisions, while WPS Health Insurance takes care of the administrative work. The better you manage the health of your employees, the more money your company saves.

Plus, because these plans are self-funded, they are exempt from many of the requirements of health care reform, which eliminates some of the uncertainty and expenses.

Find out more about these plans.

Download the WPS Freedom ASO Plans brochure, check out the WPS Freedom Essentials plan tipsheet, WPS Freedom Flex plan tipsheet, 2017 WPS Employee Group Risk ASO Application, or talk to an agent.

Add optional dental coverage through Delta Dental.

View our small group dental plan brochure and dental enrollment application or request a
dental quote.

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