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Options for any group!

Intellicare offers models that fit self-funded or fully insured groups of any size:

  • Full-service onsite health and wellness center (1,000+ employees)
  • Shared health and wellness center (any size)
  • Telemedicine (any size)

WPS added a full-service onsite QuadMed health and wellness center at its Madison campus to see first-hand how beneficial it was for employees. It has really been a great experience and positions us to help you better because we’ve been there!


Intellicare delivers smarter, more cost-effective health care

Intellicare doctor

Intellicare provides a fresh, smart choice for employee health care. WPS and QuadMed, two proven Wisconsin companies, are collaborating to provide this innovative health care solution.

Two industry leaders come together to create Intellicare

The proven health care delivery of QuadMed combined with the well-established health plan administration of WPS creates powerful synergies to give employers and organizations a quality, convenient, cost-effective new choice in health care.

QuadMed is a nationally recognized leader in innovative employer-sponsored health care solutions. QuadMed uses health information technology, evidence-based medicine, and strong provider-patient relationships to offer preventive and coordinated care centered on the patient’s needs. Find out more at www.quadmedical.com.

WPS is Wisconsin’s leading not-for-profit health insurer, offering flexible and affordable group plans and cost-effective benefit plan administration for businesses across the state. For more information about WPS, visit www.wpsic.com.

Intellicare helps improve employee health

When you choose Intellicare, you get a comprehensive solution for primary care, insurer/third-party administrator, and population health management. That means that employees get coordinated health management individually and across the entire population.

Shared decision making results in patients who are more involved in their health care. It helps them avoid unnecessary care.

High-value referrals provide better care.The independent clinic provider is able to use a broad network to refer patients to specialists from a wide range of hospitals and clinics to deliver the best possible value.

Population health management is achieved through a range of coordinated, integrated solutions. The provider and the health plan work together to improve employee health.

Help with implementation plus continuing support enables you to maximize your investment. This makes getting the right health care options for your group easier than ever before!

Find out more about Intellicare!

Contact your local agent, call WPS Sales at: 800-332-1398 or email: WPSMadisonSales@wpsic.com.