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Are you close to Medicare eligibility?

Medicare is a great program, but it doesn’t cover everything. Before you turn 65, get the facts and take a look at Medicare supplement plans from WPS Health Insurance. You’ll find options to fit your life and your budget.

Special Notice

ACA requires us to collect Social Security numbers for dependents. For additional information, check out our WPS member FAQ.

Traveling Abroad?

Seven Corners is an International Assist Company who offers a worldwide medical network and assistance services outside of the United States. WPS has partnered with Seven Corners to manage the emergency medical care of members who receive this benefit when they leave the United States. Unsure if your plan includes the Seven Corners benefit? Call the number on the back of your WPS Member card and we'll be happy to let you know.
Learn more at the Seven Corners website.

Fitness Reimbursement Program

You could keep paying for your gym membership like everyone else. Or you could sign up to have WPS pick up the tab. Through our partnership with American Specialty Health Incorporated, WPS now offers a great, new fitness reimbursement program!

This program is available for WPS group plan members.

This program is designed to pay you back for going to the gym. But that's not all it does! The program serves as an incentive to keep you active. Get reimbursed for going to the gym and get the benefits of exercise: improved mood, less stress, weight control, and stronger muscles and bones. All you have to do is sign up!

For a list of participating fitness locations, click here.

Learn more about Fitness Reimbursement Program