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WPS Health Insurance, a Leading Provider of Individual Health Insurance, Offers Tips to Help Consumers Make the Most of Every Doctor Visit

Wisconsin's leading not-for-profit health insurance company encourages consumers to take an active role in their health care

MADISON, Wisconsin
November 29, 2011

With health care costs on the rise and access to doctors growing more and more limited, it's important to make the most of every appointment. That's why WPS Health Insurance, Wisconsin's leading not-for-profit health insurer and provider of affordable group and individual health insurance has assembled a helpful list of things health care consumers can do before, during, and after each appointment to maximize the value of every visit.

"Good health is a partnership," said Dr. Marvin Wiener, Senior Medical Director at WPS Health Insurance. "For best results, we need to take an active role in our care, asking and getting answers to important questions to help us understand our health, and to help our doctors treat us more effectively."

A few of the tips WPS suggests include...

Before the visit:

  • Complete a copy of our Self-Care Checklist on the WPS Health Center and take it with you.
  • Know your medical history and your family's medical history. Bring records of any tests, treatments, or vaccines you have had in the past five years.
  • Bring a list of all medicines you are currently taking, including vitamins and herbal supplements.

During the visit:

  • Tell the doctor your main concern first.
  • Describe your symptoms (use the Self-Care Checklist on the WPS Health Center).
  • Describe your past experiences with the same problem.
  • Write down what's wrong. If you are diagnosed with a new problem, write down an explanation so you know what it is, how to spell it, and what it means for you.

At the end of the visit, ask:

  • Do I need to return for another appointment?
  • Can I phone in for my test results?
  • What danger signs should I look for?

"These are just a few of the things Wisconsin health care consumers can do to make sure each doctor appointment is as productive as possible." "We strongly encourage every health care consumer to take an active role in their health, because our health is our most important asset."

— Dr.Marvin Weiner, Senior Medical Director, WPS Health Insurance

The full article, "How to Make the Most of Every Doctor Visit" is available for free on the WPS Health Insurance website in the Learning Center.

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