WPS Health Insurance

Lottery sweepstakes scam

MADISON, Wis.—March 14, 2016

WPS Health Solutions has become aware of a lottery sweepstakes scam in which fraudulent checks bearing the WPS name are being utilized. Individuals are contacted via mail with a letter from Unity Financial Company informing them that they are “winners” of a EUROPEAN, AFRICAN AND USA Consumer Sweepstake for the amount of $250,000. Accompanying the letter is a fraudulent check bearing the “Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation” name. The instructions on the letter inform the “winner” that the attached check is to help pay the processing fee of the winnings. The “winner” is instructed to return, via MoneyGram Money Transfer or Western Union, a portion of the funds from the cashed check.

Individuals receiving this letter and check should be aware that individuals may be trying to gain access to their bank accounts, or other personal information. Individuals who cash the check may be putting themselves at financial risk. Once the bank determines the check is fraudulent, the individual who cashed the check could be held responsible for returning funds back to the bank. Anyone who receives this lottery sweepstakes scam letter and check is encouraged to report it to WPS at 608-977-5000 and ask to speak to Jane Keller-Allen or Angela Julian, WPS compliance officers.