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2014 WPS MedicareRx Plan 2

Plan 2 is a good choice if you anticipate yearly drug costs higher than $2,850 and you generally take more expensive medications.

Featuring a $0 deductible, plus coverage for generic drugs in the coverage gap or "donut hole."

2014 WPS MedicareRx Plan 2
Monthly premium $102.10
Annual deductible $0
Tier 1 - Preferred Generic drugs $3
Tier 2 - Non-preferred generic drugs $13
Tier 3 - Preferred brand drugs $42
Tier 4 - Non-preferred brand drugs 47%
Tier 5 - Specialty brand drugs 33%
Initial coverage limit $2,850
Gap coverage $3 preferred generics, $13 non-preferred generics, all others you pay no more than 47.50% (after a 50% manufacturer discount on covered brand-name drugs)
Catastrophic coverage (After your yearly out-of-pocket costs reach $4,550) The greater of $2.55 for generics* and $6.35 for all others, or 5%; whichever is greater.
State and national pharmacy network Yes
Mail order drugs (90 day supply) 2.5 times
30-day copay

This plan provides access to the brand-name and generic drugs included in our Medicare-approved formulary.

Coverage Gap Discount

As part of health care reform legislation, drug manufacturers will provide discounts to enrollees who are in the coverage gap. You will save 50% on covered brand-name drugs while inside the "donut hole" at the time of purchase.

Unless otherwise noted, copay and coinsurance amounts shown above are what you pay for a 30-day supply.

The chart above highlights plan benefits.
Please refer to the Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage listed below for complete plan details.

*Including covered brand-name drugs treated as generic.

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