WPS Health Insurance

How to Become a WPS Health Insurance Provider


Thank you for your interest in participating in our WPS Provider Network. Please fill in and submit the form. You should receive correspondence from WPS within 60-90 days of receipt of your completed request form. The information provided is used by WPS for assessment purposes only and is not a credentialing application or a Preferred Provider Agreement. Completion of this document does not guarantee Network participation.

This form is only applicable to the WPS Health Insurance Provider Network. If you require assistance pertaining to Arise Health Plan, Medicare, or TRICARE, please contact the appropriate entity.

Practitioner Rights Pertaining to Credentialing

Credentialing of practitioners is performed by the Arise Health Plan Credentialing Department, a subsidiary of WPS Health Insurance, upon initial contracting of practitioners and every three years thereafter. Practitioners undergoing the credentialing process have the following rights:

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