WPS Health Insurance

Pharmacy Information

Prescription Drugs

WPS partners with Express Scripts (formerly Medco) for our plans' prescription drug benefits. For more information on physician services through Express Scripts, visit their physicians' page.

Helpful documents:

  • WPS Drug Preauthorization list
    This document contains a recent list of drugs that require preauthorization. If your patient needs a drug from this list, you will need to mail or fax this information to WPS at the address below:

    WPS Preauthorization
    P.O. Box 8190
    Madison, WI 53708-8190
    Fax: 608-226-4777

  • 2018 WPS Preferred Drugs Guide
    This document provides a list of drugs that are preferred by your WPS health plan and are offered at lower copay levels. Drugs are listed alphabetically by drug category and name. This guide provides suggestions on how you can save on prescription costs, safety symbols for drugs not recommended at different ages, during pregnancy, and more.

  • Specialty Drug Utilization Criteria
    This document includes the general criteria and references used to make coverage determinations.