Welcome Wisconsin Bankers Association Insurance Trust (WBAIT) Members!

Wisconsin Bankers Association

This web area was created specifically for you. As a WPS Health Plan member, you can count on receiving high-quality health coverage, extensive provider networks, and resources to help you effectively manage your health.

Adding Value to Your Health Plan

On top of the great benefits you receive through your WBAIT plan, you can also take advantage of the following programs and services.

  • Visit the WPS Health Center to view health center blogs, do research using the health encyclopedia, try interactive health tools, and read the Alive and Well newsletter, and much more!
  • Research health issues using the Health Encyclopedia, Healthwise® Knowledgebase. It contains 3,200 different topics on health conditions, tests and procedures, medications, and every day wellness issues based on the most reliable, up-to-date medical research.
  • Visit the Member Area to view helpful health and wellness information to assist you in making informed healthcare decisions.